Tampopo was born out of two things SUQEBAN loves - The eponymous movie and ramen🍜. When brainstorming about who would be the agency’s ideal client, it made perfect sense to take on this self-initiated project. After all, what better way to attract the job.

Inspired by Japanese vintage vending machines, City pop, and 80s Japan, Tampopo was created. From pixel art to the colour palette reminiscent of Japanese vintage packaging, Tampopo could be a restaurant stuck in the past but even with its apparent nod to nostalgia, it is very much a restaurant for now.

The multitude of eclectic design choices, will not only lure in nostalgia buffs but also convert the kids. It is very much a place for people, young and old, to gather around a bowl or ramen and enjoy a feel-good meal together.

Creative direction
Logo design
Brand identity
Menu design
Poster design
Packaging design
Motion design
3D design

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